Ploughshares at Waihopai with Adi Leason

Resources for further learning: – site set up specifically for information following the Waihopai action. – the author of this chapter in Pursuing Peace in Godzone attributes the Catholic Worker Movement with his “Catholic radicalisation”, A Stuff news report, on a ‘blood offering’ protest by Christians, including Adi Leason, alleging that the GCSB helped gather intelligence leading to United States drone strikes. March 2017 A blog written by Rev Dr Bruce Hamill, a Presbyterian minister working in community ministry in East Wellington. Bruce reflects on the theological significance of the GCSB blood protest. March 2017. Excerpts from the documentary I Spy (with my Five Eyes) 2016. The documentary examines the Five Eyes spy network, which monitors and shares intelligence between the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand. It looks at its establishment post WW2 and its current focus on digital communications. Narrated by Lucy Lawless.

This link gives a seven minute excerpt. There is a link on the page to the full documentary. Web-site for the documentary The 5th Eye directed by Errol Wright and Abi King Jones. Duration 112 minutes. The movie focuses on the story of Adi Leason, Peter Murname and Sam Land in deflating the radome at the Waihopai spy base in protest at NZ’s involvement in the US-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In telling this and other stories along with interviews, the movie explores the issue of state surveillance in the digital age.

The site has a 2.25 minute trailer.