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This website, and the resources it contains, represent the fruit of a partnership between the Presbyterian and Anglican Church Schools’ Offices and the Religious Studies programme at Victoria University of Wellington. The website was built by Lu Tang and Sharon Ross Ensor.

The interviews with authors were all conducted by Philip Fountain with Geoffrey Troughton, and filmed and edited by Nathan Stewart and Warren Butcher, with Matt Dennes, from Image Services at Victoria University of Wellington. We gratefully acknowledge their work and that of the authors. We also acknowledge Victoria University, Te Herenga Waka Marae, St Michael’s Anglican Church, Kelburn, and the Leasons and Troughtons for permission to film in their spaces.

Other groups, institutions and individuals have provided support at different points. In particular, we acknowledge the Royal Society of New Zealand, which has supported Geoffrey Troughton’s research on Christianity and peacemaking in New Zealand through the award of a Marsden Grant.


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This site is intended to be dynamic, and to develop over time.

Curriculum and NCEA-relevant resources will be posted as they become available. Users are encouraged to share such content, and to share links to other information about the stories. We welcome feedback about the website.

For tips, suggestions or feedback, contact:

Director, Presbyterian Church Schools’ Resource Office

Church Schools@presbyterian.org.nz


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