Welcome to the website for the Presbyterian Church Schools’ Resource Office.

The Resource Office has the aim of strengthening the relationship between the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand and those church schools which are affiliated to and associated with it. It does this through resource development and co-ordination, support of chaplains and related staff and engagement with leaders of our church schools about what it means to have this special character. The current Director of the Resource Office is Rev Stephanie Wells.

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Kia Ora! Welcome to the website of the Presbyterian Church Schools’ Resource Office. This web-site aims to Connect the NZ Presbyterian school network and be a point of contact for interested others Support the  Special Character of our schools, that

Who we are (two short movies)

The Resource Office has created two short movies for the use of schools in the Presbyterian network. The movies were made in the hope that they are useful for new school staff, (both in teaching and support roles), new Board


The Term 1 2022 newsletter is now available. Published each term, the newsletter contains news from around our school network, information on upcoming training and learning opportunities and resource ideas for Chaplains and RE teachers in our Presbyterian church schools.