The Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand has many stories to tell of ordinary, everyday people who, in being true to their following of Jesus Christ, have done, or are doing, extraordinary things within their local (and sometimes global) communities.

They have helped to shape and inform our current society and its values  along with offering inspiration for contemporary Christian faith.

The Presbyterian Shapers series aims to tell the stories of these remarkable people and the difference they have made, or are making. It also aims to enable students to reflect on issues in today’s society in the light of the values, practices and priorities demonstrated by faith-filled Presbyterian Shapers.








The series is designed for either classroom use or as chapel service resource material. The units can be adapted to most age levels but are particularly aimed at a Year 10-12 level.


With thanks to Rev Yvonne Smith for developing this material.

Rutherford Waddell

The story of Rev Dr Rutherford Waddell tells of his courageous stand against sweatshop practices in the late 1800’s in Dunedin and his involvement in helping to establish just workplace practices and law. Sadly, these issues are just as pressing in our world today as they were back then.

Resources: Rutherford Waddell


Plant in hands
David and Sarah Dingwall

Brother and sister David and Sarah Dingwall practiced generosity by sharing their wealth with others. Their legacy continues to have an important impact in the lives of children and their families today.

Resources: David and Sarah Dingwall


hands on globe
 Presbyterian Women making a difference

Three Presbyterian women, Margaret Neave, Kathryn McDaniel and Mo Morgan, whose courageous and committed Christian faith has made (and is making) a difference.


Margaret Neave

Kathryn McDaniel

Mo Morgan