Christian Contemplation Curriculum offers contemplative practice resources for Years 1-13 and contemplative curriculum for Intermediate, Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary students.

This web-site, a joint project of the Presbyterian and Anglican Schools’ Resource Offices draws together contemplative resources from within the Christian tradition. . We recommend visiting the Sitemap to get an overview of what is offered in the web-site (click on the ‘+’ boxes to expand the sitemap.

Image supplied courtesy of Rev Martin Stewart, 2017.


Other curriculum resources:

Primary School

Resources include:

God’s Dream – a book by Desmond Tutu which can be borrowed from the Church Schools’ Resource Office An online printable activity sheet is also available.

A resource for a Christmas Prayer Space – using interactive ‘stations’ which explore themes in the Christmas story.

A resource for exploring Creative Prayer – using symbols and actions to explore different types of prayer.


Middle School

A Year 9/10 unit on God’s Plan for Creation


Senior school

NCEA Religious Studies Achievement Standards for level 1 and 2

Presbyterian Shapers curriculum