A Prayer Labyrinth for Lent

A Lenten prayer labyrinth. This resource offers suggestions for how a labyrinth can be used and has stations which assist children to explore the themes of the Lenten and Easter story. For more information about labyrinths and other ideas for their use click here

Open: Lenten Labyrinth

Lent 1
 Lent – for younger childen

Explaining the symbols of Lent – a puppet show. Using four puppets some of the traditions of Lent are explored, along with the symbolism of the season. A good way to involve older children in a chapel service.

Open: Explaining the symbols of Lent

Easter prayer stations

A resource which explores some of the themes and ‘words’ of the Easter story. There are six stations where students can reflect and respond.

Open: Easter prayer stations

egg w cross
Easter puppet show

Four puppets try to figure out the meaning of Easter and what it has to do with Easter eggs

Open: Easter puppet show

Easter Service

A post-Easter family service which reflects on finding what we are looking for in the hope and life of the risen Christ. By Rev Caleb Hardie. Bible readings: John 3:16-17 and John 21:4-9. 

Open: A Post Easter Family Service




A reflection on Pentecost using the symbols of wind and fire/heat.

Open: Pentecost: Wind and Fire

Pentecost fire
Pentecost puppet show

Ben and Lydia talk with their Granpa about his experience of the first Pentecost for the Christian church.

Open: Pentecost puppet show 

Christmas Prayer Space

A Christmas prayer space. This was written for primary school-aged children, but could easily be adapted for an older age group.

Open: Christmas Prayer Space write up

Christmas Prayer Labyrinth

A Christmas prayer labyrinth. This labyrinth has five stations which help children to engage with the themes of the Christmas story. For more information about labyrinths and other ideas for their use click here

Download: Christmas Labyrinth with stations