Pursuing Peace in Godzone: Christianity and the Peace Tradition in New Zealand (2018) VUP is a collection of fourteen stories about Christian peacemaking in New Zealand post-WW2.

The book is edited by Drs Geoff Troughton and Philip Fountain, both Senior Lecturers at the School of Social and Cultural Studies, Victoria University. It provides a rich resource of contemporary stories about Christians in Aotearoa New Zealand work for peace, including stories of resistance in the name of justice and peace, stories about the restoration of relationships as well as stories about the overcoming of hostility. Drs Troughton and Fountain provide a helpful theological and reflective framework in their Introduction and Afterword for the peacemaking task which Christians are called to in Aotearoa. Collectively the stories reflect the diversity of  engagement with peacemaking by the Christian community in New Zealand.

The web-site pursuingpeace.nz has more information about the book, a link to VUP to purchase it and a number of short movies (7-10 minutes) featuring writers in the book talking in more detail about their stories. There are additional resource suggestions for each movie along with some curriculum ideas for use of the book in secondary schools.

The movies are:

  • An introduction to the Pursuing Peace project by Geoff Troughton and Philip Fountain
  • Restoring Karioi with Andrew Shepherd and Kristel van Houte
  • Ploughshares at Waihopai with Adi Leason
  • Maungarongo ki te Whenua with Mike Ross and Judy Kumeroa
  • Taranaki, Peace and Reconciliation with Jamie Ross
  • Revolution at the Kitchen Tables with Peter Matheson
  • The Peace Squadron Revisited with George Armstrong
  • Barrington, Burton and Christian Pacifism with Tom Noakes-Duncan