A collection of papers, reviews and presentations in regard to Religious/Christian Education and Chaplaincy in Church Schools.


A paper presented to the Presbyterian Church Schools’ Conference 2017 in Wellington by Dr Geoff Troughton, Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies, Victoria University. Shalom: Perspectives from Godzone.

Shalom: Perspectives from Godzone

Powerpoint slides

A paper presented by Professor Chris Marshall at the Chaplaincy conference held at Otago University in December 2016. Chaplains as Public Believers: Strategies of Engagement explores the role of the Chaplain in today’s public space.

Chaplains as Public Believers

 A paper presented by Rev Sharon Ross Ensor, Director of the Presbyterian Schools’ Resource Office, at the Chaplaincy conference held at Otago University in December 2016. Shaped by Service looks at service learning within the context of Presbyterian Church schools.

Shaped for Service

Resources available for school service learning experiences, particularly overseas trips. The documents are in Word format to allow for your own adaptation.

Service learning trip preparation manual

Introduction to reflection and evening prayer booklet 

Reflection and evening prayer booklet

 A 2009 document which looks at the role of Chaplains within a school along with a template for review of chaplaincy. The Bloxham Project works in support of school chaplains in association with the School Chaplains’ Conference in the UK. It is an inter-school council started in the 1960’s to address the ‘role of religion in schools.’

Bloxham Project Chaplaincy Review

   RE Teaching: Inquiry and Knowing Truth; Church Schools and IB: Issues and Challenges. A paper written in 2012 by Rev Dr Carolyn Kelly, Inaugural Director of the Presbyterian Church Schools Resource Office, which critiques the relationship between the IB Diploma and Religious/Christian Education in our church schools.

Church Schools and IB

   The Neurological Basis of Religious Experience and Implications for Teaching Higher Order Thinking. A paper delivered at the Dialogue Australasia Network Conference in Auckland 2006. by Dr David Whitehead, University of Waikato


 What is the role of faith schools in the IB community? A Powerpoint presentation by Sue Austin, who is responsible for Diploma Co-ordination for IBASCA (International Baccalaureate Schools and Colleges Association of the UK and Ireland).

Faith Schools and IB

 A sermon by then-Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, preached at the 200th Anniversary of Church Schools in England, October 2011.


 A critique of Richard Dawkins’ two-part series ‘The Root of all Evil’, by Keith Ward, Professor of Divinity, Gresham College, London and Regius Professor of Divinity Emeritus, University of Oxford. 2006. Includes a worksheet for ‘testing and developing understanding’.


 Toledo Guiding Principles on Teaching About Religions and Beliefs in Public Schools. Prepared by the ODIHR (Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights) Advisory Council of Experts on Freedom of Religion or Belief. 2007. 130 page document.