Brother and sister David and Sarah Dingwall practiced generosity by sharing their wealth with others.

Their legacy continues to have an important impact in the lives of children and their families today.

With thanks to Rev Yvonne Smith who has written this unit which is aimed at Year 10-12 students but can be adapted for use with younger students.



Introduction to Presbyterian Shapers Theme Based Unit – David and Sarah Dingwall

This includes ideas for conceptual understanding, concepts for focus, key competencies, values, perspective, social inquiry, achievement objectives, issues, learning intentions, activities for learning, notes and assessments. These are all linked to the New Zealand Curriculum.


Introduction for teachers

A summary of the Dingwall story and the focus of the unit on exploring generosity using the social inquiry method.


Lesson outlines

Includes student inquiry, group work, research, extension for senior/gifted students.


Student and teacher resource

The story of David and Sarah Dingwall, the establishment of Dingwall Home and its ongoing work.


Teacher resource – A reflection by Rev Dr Keith Rowe

This reflection on David and Sarah Dingwall was part of a sermon series given by Rev Drs Allan Davidson and Keith Rowe at St Luke’s Presbyterian Church, Remuera, Auckland (where David and Sarah Dingwall were founding members) in 2012.


Teacher Resource -Newspaper articles as found on the Papers Past web-site

A collection of newspaper articles giving information about David and Sarah Dingwall.